About us

Meet the team

We are Easi-card 

We help small to large companies increase customer loyalty, control access to their premises and strengthen their brand. How do we do it?  By offering quality card solutions, in the easiest way possible 🙂.

Why choose us?

1) We are Local 🛒

We manufacture our cards in our Durban factory, right here in sunny South Africa. Because of our local presence, we have the advantage of good lead-times, custom quality control and pricing. 

2) We are small 💳

We are a small team of 8 in our Johannesburg head office. Being small allows us to build strong relationships with our clients. Focusing on each work order and delivering on our clients specific expectations.  

3) We are efficient 💪

Being small forces us to work efficiently.  Our unique workflow system (developed since 1992) offers an Easi experience for our clients and our staff, that very few businesses of our size can match.